Our Services

Getting there & Accommodation

Sehati-medical-office takes care of the coordination of arrival and departure. Starting with the flight booking, the transfer services to the activities you need outside of your health program, such as bookings and visits to sports events, or cultural events.

Travel planning and transfer service

In order to ensure a successful progress of your journey, we take over all bookings that are necessary. We pick you up at the airport, bring you to all appointments, punctually, reliably - according to your wishes.


If desired - we take care of visa matters, e.g. We have the possibility to send a formal letter of invitation to the responsible German embassy of your home country to simplify the preservation of your visa. All visa matters in Germany are done by us and processed according to the law.


The accommodation in the hospital takes place in single rooms. However, as patients generally do not stay in the hospital all the time, the accommodation you want is booked for the subsequent stay. This can be a 5 star hotel or an upscale apartment. As you wish. We always try to find an optimal solution for you. Of course you will be cared for by our staff throughout your stay.

Care and holidays for you and your family


Of course you will be accommodated in a private room with high comfort in the hospital. Sehati Team performs a daily monitoring of outpatient and inpatient care. At any time you can tell us your wishes, concerns or problems. We solve your problems and make your wishes come true!


When you travel with your family members, we ensure that your family feels comfortable here and take care of an accommodation that meets your needs.


It is our duty to make sure that during your trip to Germany all policies regarding your religion are respected. We inform the Hospitals and rehabilitation clinics on the special cultural needs of ours Patients. We ensure that the guidelines are adhered to. We show you restaurants and shops where you can eat or shop Halal. We inform you about local mosques and prayer rooms.

City holiday / cultural program

We put together an attractive leisure program, whether culture, shopping or sightseeing - in Germany there is a lot to discover!